At this time of year not only am I busy planning for Christmas I’m also thinking about what I need to go on our yearly camping trip. Every year I revise our list of necessary equipment, what worked well and is there anything else that I might need


Usually there is a lot of discussion about where to place everything But the one area that I have the final say, is the kitchen. As I do most of the cooking it means that I can cook in my kitchen exactly the way I want.

Fitting everything into a compact space can be quite challenging. The design of our camp kitchen all centres around the placement of the fridge and how easy it is to access the power. Next I decide where to place the gas cooker taking into consideration ventilation and safety aspects such as clear exits in case of fire. Finally, where to place the pots and pans, cooking utensils and my food pantry.


SMJ Custom Crafted

This is exactly what Stu does when designing your kitchen.

  • Who is the main cook? How do they like to cook in their kitchen?
  • What works well in their previous kitchen? What didn’t work well?
  • What are the must haves in your kitchen?
  • Do you need lots of storage?
  • Safety/ compliance standards
  • What appliances are they using?

Stu then designs your new kitchen with all these aspects in mind.

This year I think I’ve got the layout/design of my camp kitchen just right. Who knows maybe next year I’ll include a kitchen sink.