Philosophy of the circular economy.

We live in a society that if something gets broken it is often cheaper and easier to throw it out and buy a new one. This is what is called a Linear Economy,that relies on cheap, widely available resources to create favourable conditions for economic growth and stability.
I first came across the concept of a Circular Economy a few years ago and decided that this is something I would like to investigate further. Little did I know that here at SMJ we are already following some of the different principles of The Circular Economy.

What is it?

The Circular Economy model takes a
5 R approach – repair, reuse, refurbish, remanufacture, and recycle. It requires businesses to radically rethink the way that they design and manufacture, based on three key principles:
Designing out waste and pollution;
Keeping products and materials in use;
Regenerating natural systems.

SMJ Kitchens

Materials and Hardware

The materials and hardware that we have chosen to use is European Designed and of the very highest quality. By investing in these products we are ensuring that are our joinery projects are very likely to last longer which means less waste.

SMJ Furniture

Refurbish/ Manufacture

Here at SMJ we are often asked to remanufacture pieces of furniture. The furniture is disassembled to a component level, then redesigned and rebuilt into a unique piece of furniture that holds a special meaning to our clients. Our favourites have been old oak drawers remade into a bookcase and a deconstructed piano remanufacured into a hall table.